DNSCurve Services

OpenDNS is the largest DNSCurve user on the Internet, serving 2% of all recursive DNS queries. OpenDNS adopted DNSCurve in February 2010, and announced DNSCrypt in December 2011.

Notable DNSCurve users

The cr.yp.to site and all subdomains, such as NaCl, TweetNaCl, SafeCurves, etc. are all protected with DNSCurve.

The seznam.cz web crawler uses DNSCurve resolvers.

TinySSH runs DNSCurve nameservers and distributes code that benefits from DNSCurve. TinySSH can be run over TCP or CurveCP.

CURVEPROTECT protects DNS and other protocols with DNSCurve and CurveCP. It also supports DNSCurve on its own domain.

DNSCrypt Services

Cryptostorm is a security/privacy-focused VPN provider, with DNSCrypt resolvers.

okTurtles supports beneficial decentralization technologies, and provides a public DNSCrypt service, including support for its own DNSChain protocol.